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Founding member of Metalab (also on Wikipedia) which is sort-of-kind-of helped start the popularisation of the concept of hackerspaces in 2007. Lived in Berlin for a while and found friends at Chaos Computer Club Berlin. I checked out Noisebridge for a while in 2009 (and again in 2014) and also got to be "artist in residence" at NYC Resistor in 2008. In 2013/2014 I spent a lot of time at FUBAR Labs in New Jersey, but by now I hang out at HM quite a lot.

In this whole hacker community thing I'm kind of known for also being involved in the art world. I co-founded the Graffiti Research Lab offshot in Vienna, and occasionally build installations for artists/designers using rapid prototyping tools, microcontrollers and/or software. I also dealt with my fair share of administrative tasks, having helped distribute city of Vienna's grant money in a self-organised fashion as part of the NetzNetz coordination team and dealing with (hacker)space drama as part of the Metalab board (2011/2012) or as the co-founder of 1000m^2 art "off-space" in Vienna (2010).

Oh yeah, and I initiated CryptoParties back at home, and try to check out CryptoParty Harlem whenever possible. If you are interested in "safe communication" as well as control of communication infrastructure, talk to me.

Other than that, I travel back and forth only spend a month or two at a time in NYC.

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