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About Me

I'm an engineer (and, to a lesser extent, writer/editor) by training who left a Ph.D. program in engineering physics to become an Episcopal priest. Now I mostly do technology training for church leaders. I just moved to New York and live in the Bronx with my wife, Kristin, who is also an Episcopal priest.

Twitter: @kmoliver (for yammering)

Instagram: @kmoliver5 (for project photos)

Github: @kmoliver (for what it's worth)


Tools I know about, or at least used to

  • Java
  • Python
  • C++
  • Matlab
  • Wordpress
  • Adobe Audition
  • Adobe Premiere

Stuff I'm learning

Current Fun Projects

  • Working through the Arduino Project Book
  • Miscellaneous podcast development
  • Miscellaneous music composition
  • Pilgrims' Projects

Current Work Projects

e-Formation Learning Community: Network of church leaders learning together how to better use technology in their work


Introducing Sarah Lefton, founder of Jewish education startup G-dcast, at the 2014 e-Formation Conference

Past Fun Projects

The Hacker Within: A peer training group for computational scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

ShakeOTheDay: Tool for deciding when to play a certain bar dice game in Madison, WI]

Past Work Projects

Easter People: Hopeful conversations about faith and culture

Key Resources: Site I used to edit and still sometimes contribute to

GENIUSv2: Nuclear fuel cycle systems analysis tool for reprocessing scenarios (now Cyclus)


Yammering about nuclear fuel cycle systems modeling