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Alias: Jeff McCrum

Real Name: Jeff McCrum

Email: mccrum - at - hotmail - dot - com


Quick Bio

Hey there! I'm an architectural lighting designer who has signed up because I like to build things, think of clever ways of doing things and generally "do". I've built my own computers but am by no means either a hardware maven. I've done some arduino coding but certainly don't think it has made me an expert in it.

I've volunteered to help herd the cats of the facilities into some kind of organized manner and help get this thing up, running and looking great. If you want to help out in any way (actual skills not required, learning is why we're all here), let me know when you're available and we'll try to meet at the space.

I have a past studded with various theatrical career paths, everything from carpentry to producing but found I like lighting the best. I also spend time taking photos with digital and Polaroid, film, projections, lighting, making stuff and Fallout 3. You can always reach me with

Things I can do

  • Woodworking, from walls to a wooden canoe
  • Photography, film to digital
  • Lighting and light electrical work (installing breakers, wiring fixtures, not so much running a new circuit)
  • Design, graphic or architectural
  • Cook, bake, cause general kitchen things to happen

Things I'm looking to do in the space

  • Convert a Polaroid 95 to a usable film format (120 or 4x5 back)
  • Finish an Arduino project for my home computer using data scraping to output to analog meters
  • Finish that typewriter key keyboard I've had unfinished for too long
  • Learn bookbinding
  • Actually learn about circuits and Arduino
  • Possible darkroom space
  • Help get this thing off the ground and make a usable, safe makerspace

Things I have done before

  • Theatrical electricial
  • Theatrical carpenter
  • Audio engineer (for the circus)
  • Built wooden canoes
  • Built desktop computers
  • Projection mapping art projects
  • Made movies
  • Bent neon
  • Aimed (88) 7,000 watt searchlights in the sky for the Tribute in Light