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I was very fortunate to grow up with a machine shop in my basement and in a family that embraced crafts and technology, as well as scavenging and tinkering. So when I first entered the workforce, I worked in technology (mostly repair), taught electronics, and worked with a few startups (games, crafts, internet) until one day I went back to school, earned a math degree, and then earned a biology PhD. Along the way I've worked on numerous projects with robotics and electronics, not to mention a lot of hardware hacking, but it has not been something I really had a lot of time for, with school.

For many years I have participated in the FIRST Robotics Competition as mentor to Stuyvesant High School (Team 694, Stuy Pulse) and later Townsend Harris High School (Team 2601, Steel Hawks).

I'm now taking a break from the pursuit of pure science in order to work on some technology projects that have caught my attention along the way. My active projects include product development for 3D printing, designing equipment for biological work including incubation and other temperature control devices, fine motion control, various projects with CNC, and interactive music equipment. I am interested in developing educational resources to introduce people of all ages to technology. I am perpetually devoted to vintage computing, and I am typing this on a nice old clicky IBM Model M keyboard.