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Various writing projects: prose, copyediting and programming.

In the Short Term

  • flyers for November and December co-op craft events
  • user subpages on wiki
  • crafts event flyers for January/February
  • marketing flyers for evangelizing HM
  • dice probabilities for multiple success conditions (sourcebook)
  • glossary and gazetteer sections of sourcebook

Long Term Aspirations

  • sourcebook for a nWoD/Torg mashup


  • project line count daemon
  • hackable PS1 framework
  • custom cross-platform vulgar incrementor widget
  • user-defined diet diary app
  • Elixir emulation in Lua
  • PL with EC data structures as first-class citizens

First-class EC Projects

  • percolating task dashboard (concept)
  • savvylist media manager
  • social propinquity platform
  • community event aggregation infrastructure
  • non-dyadic courtship platform
  • local governance policy sandbox platform
  • distributed MUD VM

Longer Term

  • learn to knit (as pedagogical reference)
  • writing-oriented intro to computer programming
  • printing daemon alternative to printer drivers
  • triptypchglyph signing dictionary