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Various DIY/smarthome and other projects about the domicile.

In the Short Term

  • get chromeos playing well with openvpn
  • finally got canon to play well with linux
  • reassemble bath following renovation
  • clear mid-year tasks backlog
  • charitable giving analysis
  • better temporary Roomba toe-space bumper modification

Long Term Aspirations


  • revamp household budget
  • restock pantry
  • repair glitchy flat-screen monitor
  • clear messaging backlog
  • lightbox for new router
  • upgrade network storage

Build Outs

  • refurbish old hammer drill
  • quick-assembly hallway dust tent for woodworking
  • storage tower for apartment bathroom
  • makeshift mezzanine rack for a compact dishwasher
  • craft event supply storage shelving
  • explore soundproofing for HM if not done already
  • LackRack (x2)


  • internet radio devices
  • whistle/tone detector/alterter network for hearing impaired
  • sleep-hygenic smart bulb drivers for home and refrigerator
  • microcomputer workshop series for housing coop

Longer Term

  • intensive file purge
  • paint apartment
  • empty storage unit
  • guinea pig hutch with integrated hydroponic garden