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Stuff I want to do with 3d printing and other miscellaneous making.

Short Term Projects

  • learn to use chorded keyboard
    • ~25 wpm, home row = ~40 wpm
    • with 7th letter ('r') = ~30 wpm
  • big batch of mod podge
  • attend modeling for 3d printing workshop
  • reduce the clickiness of Twiddler keyboard
  • felt laptop case bling redesign
  • finish putting together half-assembled Makerbot

Long Term Aspirations

3d Printing


  • backup hose cock key
  • replacement walker cable clips
  • reinforced replacement drawer handle
  • replacement feet for folding tables


  • tension rod sconce-shelf
  • pad-safe shoes for kitchen foot stool
  • kitchen shelf device mount


  • stable platform/hood for home 3d printers
  • print a second 3d printer (because von Neumann)


  • please curb your butts signage
  • redesign of Roomba toe-space bumper
  • amber tower case light helmet
  • patch plastic covering of broken arm on eyeglasses
  • raspi terminal HUD


  • ergonomic walker-handle attachment for granny carts
    • mobility unlimited challenge (hackaday)
  • redesign of makeshift dishwasher rack
  • collapsible laptop standing desk
  • better fruit fly trap
  • ketchup pack piercing funnel/bottle filler



  • serial terminal raspi closed wifi LAN hub
  • mesh network development


  • jacquard loom
  • keypunch stamper


  • learn electronics
  • gyroscopic posture retraining monitor
  • paneled eink display
  • nighttime text tablet
  • many heretofore unimagined projects
  • store-and-forward powerline networking