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Beads Land-Trujillo

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Programmer since childhood, with BA in psychology & computer science from NYU. Worked in Internet/ecommerce during the bubble of the 90s. Also some graduate study in anthropology. Philosophically, think Grace Hopper meets Jane Jacobs meets Annemarie Mol.

Co-host a monthly community crafts event for my housing co-op. Full of ideas, and love a good brainstorming session. Looking to share a space where creative folk are doing creative things. Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

Working on projects in three different general categories, tracked below. (These lists are maintained on my staging server, with updates pushed to Hack Manhattan's server every few weeks.)

Nesting Writing Fabricating
  • clear mid-year tasks backlog
  • charitable giving analysis
  • restock pantry
  • better self-employment accounting
  • assist neighbor setting up new laptop
  • revamp household budget
  • flyers for November and December co-op craft events
  • user subpages on wiki
  • crafts event flyers for January and February
  • developing Hack Manhattan Flyers
  • flyers for local singalong events
  • organize "ewaganism" walking tour
  • learn to use chorded keyboard
    • ~25 wpm, home row = ~40 wpm
    • with 7th letter ('r') = ~30 wpm
  • big batch of mod podge
  • attend modeling for 3d printing workshop
  • reduce the clickiness of Twiddler keyboard
  • felt laptop case bling redesign
  • finish putting together half-assembled Makerbot