Meeting 2018-03-27

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Consensus Agenda

New Business

Free Code Camp NYC

(Guan is opposed to this on scheduling grounds because we would lose every other Tuesday. This is unlikely to require a lengthy debate at the meeting, just a vote or a compromise on scheduling.) According to Semko, every other Thursday is a possible.

Motion passes.

For each prospective member, please confirm no later than Thursday before the meeting:

  • Has the member visited 3 times at the regular Tuesday and Thursday open nights?
  • Has the member received the briefing? When, and who was the briefer?
  • Has the member's bio and photo been circulated on the members list? (not just blabber)

Eliza, Sarva and Roman

Member Reports

Board Reports

President's Report

no report

Treasurer's Report

Finances looking good this month.

Secretary's Report


Directors-at-Large's Report

Member and Project Reports

If you have phones, please bring them in.

Meeting Meta

  • Called to order at 19:31 by Justin.
  • The meeting was adjourned at 19:44 by Justin.
  • Minutes taken and submitted by Jay.