Meeting 2015-08-25

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Consensus Agenda

I (Rob Lower) propose a $200 pre-approved laser cutter expense budget to buy: supplies needed to permanently mount the laser cutter; personal protective equipment; tools/accessories needed for typical use; unforeseen safety-related costs.

  • This is only for future expenses. There will be another proposal next week to reimburse James for some of the expenses he has incurred. --Guan (talk) 21:51, 25 August 2015 (UTC)

I (Konstantin) propose 400$ expense for the following items to upgrade our donated cnc affectionately named "big cnc". 1) T-slot table so that we can clamp down workpieces. 2) spindle upgrade so we can cut with really small diameter end-mills without them breaking due to the large wobble of the current spindle. 3) Endmills to cut with. T-slot table: [1]

New Business

Formerly in Consensus Agenda

For each prospective member, please confirm no later than Thursday before the meeting:

  • Has the member visited 3 times at the regular Tuesday and Thursday open nights?
  • Has the member received the briefing? When, and who was the briefer?
  • Has the member's bio and photo been circulated on the members list? (not just blabber)

Michael Quijano - briefed by Guan on 2015-07-28, visited 3 times, bio and photo circulated.

Introduction: Coming here for a while, interested modular synth modules, originally for Miami, love NY, HM is awesome.

Other New Business

Member Reports

President's report

Makerfaire is happening. We have a fortune mailing list.

Treasurer's report

Financial report is sent to members list.

Secretary's report

No report.

Directors-at-Large's reports

Member Reports

Mugenity: If you want mint or basil, go up to the roof and take as much as you want from the hydroponics. It needs to be shut down because of a massive water consumption issue.

Konstantin suggested getting a better spindle for the cnc machine.


Guan as proxy for Robby O'Connor

Rob Lower as proxy for James Carpino.

Rob Lower as proxy for Eugene Lee.