Meeting 2015-03-31

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Consensus Agenda

Rule on access to the space

This is to clarify existing practices on who has access to the space. The practical effect will be that members who have not paid dues are not allowed to enter or use the space without a member in good standing being present.

(a) Members in good standing are afforded access to the space in order to fulfill their responsibilities, at any time and subject to these rules and other applicable decisions.

(b) Persons other than members in good standing may use the space and facilities whenever a member in good standing is present and hosting, subject to these rules, other applicable decisions, and the supervision of the hosting member in good standing.

(c) The board may authorize other persons, including employees and contractors of the corporation, to access the space, under prescribed conditions, to the extent necessary for those persons to perform their duties.

(d) All entry into, presence in and use of the space, other than as provided for in this rule, is unauthorized.

Confidential membership matter

See separate email to members list. Discussion of this item may be closed to non-members.

This item is now moot.

New Business

Formerly in Consensus Agenda

  • Michael from Metalab, who came around since late last year, and apparently caused a kerfuffle by being around a lot, borrowing keys but never using them. Travels between Vienna and NYC. Involved in hackerspaces since 2006. Co-initiated cryptoparties in Vienna.

Michael passed sponsorship quota.

Other New Business

Member Reports

President's report

Treasurer's report

Secretary's report

Directors-at-Large's reports

Member Reports

Non-Member Reports

  • Michael from Vienna


  • Hi, I hereby give Guan my proxy for this meeting. -Peter Shenkin.