Meeting 2015-02-24

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Consensus Agenda

Assessment for non-payment of dues

Proposed rule:

A member who ceases to pay dues, with the intention of terminating membership in Hack Manhattan, without informing the Treasurer or the Board by email or in writing, is liable to pay dues until the effective termination date, as well as an assessment of one month of dues. The effective termination date is the date on which the earlier of the following occurs:

(i) the member gives notice of termination,

(ii) the board effects a decision terminating membership, or

(iii) the member returns their keys, retrieves their effects, and otherwise resolves all practical aspects of their membership.

Readmission of former member

This formalizes our current practice:

A former member may be readmitted without a decision of the members if, in the board's judgment, the former member is suitable for membership and does not intend to leave and rejoin on a recurring basis.

New Business

Formerly in Consensus Agenda

I, Nick Farr, request to be made a member of Hack Manhattan. Looking for sponsors. [ACCEPTED pending Board Approval and Briefing]

I, Elijah Robinson, request to be made a member of Hack Manhattan. Looking for sponsors. [DEFFERRED pending Board meeting. Briefed by DR]

Other New Business

Member Reports

President's report

Things are good, mop up of space, bins

cleanup of old bins

Treasurer's report

Report was emails, paid big chunk of deposit so we're in the progress of being legal for 20-20

Secretary's report

No report

Directors-at-Large's reports

Craft beer week

Member Reports

Fixer's collective: organization that fixes... stuff, NPO, will be a regular scheduled event March 21st: NJ Maker's Day