Meeting 2014-10-28

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Consensus Agenda

Reimbursement Request

The rebuild of the machining area ended up costing $112.01 more than the $200 requested.

Consensus agenda passes

New Business

Formerly in Consensus Agenda

Have you met Konstantin the 2nd yet? ;)

Hey HM, my name is Konstantin Leonenko. I'm a maker/designer from Ukraine/Netherlands with education in electromechanics and sound synthesis and experience in implementing wild artistic ideas into real-world things on tight budgets. You can see some of my work at behance. I've been hanging around at HM for the last month, intensely exploiting the Ultimaker. I love the vibe here and find the crowd extremely knowledgeable and inspiring. Would be very happy to interact with and contribute to this community.

Welcome Konstantin


Hello, my name is Johnny and I'm a local Android/iOS developer. I've visited HM the last few weeks to work on prototyping a automated cigarette dispenser project. My interest span through almost any consumer technology I can get my hands on, more times from too-good-to-be-true kick starters. Lately, healthcare and big data visualizations have my primary focus. Every visit to HM has been educational and I've made significant progress on my projects. I'd like to continue to work with the people here as an official member.

Membership contingent on briefing!

Other New Business

Member Reports

President's report

Great open house event, lots of visitors. We are three years old!

Treasurer's report

Report was emailed.

Secretary's report

Directors-at-Large's reports

New trash policy: trash is kept here minimally. Please put full trash bags into closet outside the door.

Member Reports

Machine Shop Rebuild

Hopefully you all have ahd the opportunity to wander in to the machining area, newly organized and assembled by a group of volunteers two weekends ago. We came, we debated, we built. This rebuild/refit will allow for larger projects, and quicker access to newly organized tools. We are hoping that this can serve as a model for other areas of the space to be refit in the future (looking at YOU, electronics area) promoting more participation in the organization and customization of HM. The total for the project was $300, so we are requesting $100 in additional funds for reimbursement.

Welder works - but only if you know what you are doing.

- Robby - How to get people into Hackerspace (we have a weak-board model) Robby will send out list of notes to the mailing list.

- Laser - In the works! If anybody feels they want to be added, email the mailing list.

- With loud events, please keep door closed.

Roll Call

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  • Over IRC: