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Meeting began at 7:30 = Consensus Agenda = PASSES

Anti-harassment Policy

Adopt the draft Anti-Harassment Policy.


Adopt the following as rules of the corporation. We have heretofore not adopted formal rules as contemplated by the Bylaws, so if they are all approved, the rules will be numbered as they are here.

Rule 1

(a) The fact that no formal rule has been adopted for a type of behavior does not mean that it is tolerated at Hack Manhattan.

(b) It is a violation of this rule to behave in a manner which a reasonable person would find unacceptable at a typical Hackerspace or similar unstaffed, shared space.

(c) Unacceptable behavior includes, but is not limited to, acts that

  (i) are illegal,
  (ii) threaten the health and safety of humans,
  (iii) unreasonably disrupt the ability of other members and visitors to use the facilities and equipment,
  (iv) unreasonably expose the corporation to material risks to its activities, purposes, finances, reputation, viability or existence, or
  (v) intentionally damage or are likely to damage the property of the corporation or others.

Rule 2

The corporation’s rules apply

  (i) in the space,
  (ii) in indoor and outdoor common areas in the building,
  (iii) in online spaces including mailing lists and wiki,
  (iv) at events outside the space hosted by Hack Manhattan, and
  (v) at events outside the space at which Hack Manhattan participates in an organized way.

Rule 3

Smoking is prohibited.

Rule 4

(a) Harassment is prohibited.

(b) The anti-harassment policy adopted by the members, which may be amended from time to time, forms part of the corporation’s rules.

Rule 5

(a) The board may exclude anyone who violates the corporation’s rules from the premises, under such conditions and limitations as the board may prescribe.

(b) An exclusion under this rule is effective until the next regular business meeting, at which the members may decide on permanent exclusion, in the case of an excluded non-member, or termination of membership, in the case of an excluded member.

(c) A member may be excluded under this rule only if

  (i) the violation is serious and poses a grave or imminent threat to the corporation or to its members or visitors, and
  (ii) the board is satisfied that there are no alternative means to protect the corporation or its members or visitors that the corporation can reasonably implement.

(d) A member who is excluded under this rule is entitled to a pro rata refund of dues paid for the period of the exclusion.

(e) A member whose exclusion under this rule extends to business meetings is entitled to reasonable accommodations to participate in deliberations of the meeting remotely and to cast votes.

Rule Change about Admitting New Members

We propose an update to the membership application process to streamline it and make it more useful for everyone.

Since the membership of HM is much bigger than it has been in years past, it takes more time for new members to become familiar with the existing members, our culture, and the organization as a whole. These introductions have been done informally and inconsistently in the past. As we grow, this works less well, and we also have more at stake as an organization.

We propose that prospective members be required to attend a short but comprehensive briefing session, no less than one week before membership is to be approved at a business meeting. These sessions will be conducted by a Board member or another volunteer. The briefing session will include information on:

A short bio will be requested from prospective members and will be emailed to the members list one week prior to the monthly business meeting. The agenda item for prospective members will include the date of the briefing and the name of the briefer.

Prospective members must make at least 3 visits to the space before the business meeting.

In certain rare circumstances, the board may recommend at the business meeting that membership be made conditional on board approval, in order to conduct due diligence—similar to when we admitted minors. The board will either approve the application or submit it to the next business meeting for substantive consideration.

The Bylaws still state that membership is approved by vote of the members on the motion of two members. These changes are not Bylaws changes, but a statement of policy on the criteria we would ordinarily apply when voting on membership applications. Formally, the proposal is to amend the rules of procedure for our business meetings so that consideration of membership applications that don't fulfill the criteria is out of order. In each case, we could make exceptions by a majority vote, just as we can make exceptions to the current two-visit rule. (It would actually take two votes, one to suspend the rules, and another to approve the application.)

Timeline for the quickest possible membership process in September 2014, if these procedures had been in place:

  • Visit September 16, 18 and 23
  • Briefing during Tuesday, September 23 meeting
  • Bio is circulated September 24
  • Approval at business meeting Tuesday, September 30

Proposed decision

The rules of procedure are amended by inserting the following at the end:

Admission of members

(a) A motion to admit a new member, or to proceed to a question of whether to admit a new member, is out of order unless

  (i) it has been on the agenda for at least 5 days prior to the business meeting at which the application is considered,
  (ii) the prospective member has visited the space at a regular weekly meeting on at least 3 occasions prior to the business meeting,
  (iii) the prospective member has received a briefing by a member designated by the board, the contents of which have been prescribed by the board, no later than one week prior to the business meeting,
  (iv) the agenda item for the member contains the date of the briefing and the name of briefer, and
  (v) at least 5 days prior to the business meeting, an email was sent to the members with a short biography of the prospective member, and the biography as well as a photograph of the prospective member have been added to his or her wiki user page.

(b) A motion recommended by the board (but made by any member) that a membership application be made conditional on board approval has precedence over all other business.

Surveillance Equipment

Approve $300 for additional surveillance cameras.

This would be for actual surveillance, not just seeing if anyone is at the space. Any formal proposals for measures and policies to protect members' and visitors' privacy are welcome.

Approve New Machine Shop Bench

Proposal: approve $200

Approve expense for purchasing materials to build a proper bench for the machine shop. Budget is in the sub $200 for building materials and some fastners. Possibly even some shelves on the wall for stock and other not frequently used tools/equipment. Antonio has shelf brackets he can donate.

Approve Laser Upgrades

Proposal: approve $150

Approve expense for purchasing materials to fix up the laser cutter. Budget is in the sub $150 for parts. ducted fans, distilled water, controls, waterproofing, power supply for ducted fan.

Approve Printing

Approve reimbursement to Matt Stove for up to $140 ($126 with possible sales tax) for printing business cards and stickers.


Approve Zendesk subscription for managing, $36/year for 3 agents.

  • We really need this
  • Problem: the affordable plan is limited to 3 people, so only 3 people can answer info@ at a time. But it may not matter. We never get volunteers for these things.

New Business

Formerly in Consensus Agenda

=== Rob Lower === -was not present and was NOT inducted as a member.

Hey guys, I'm a patent attorney that's decided to apply after visiting your space four times over the past five months. I met a handful of your members including Konstantin(not Constantine ... unless there is another one), Justin, Robert, Steven, and Guan, and I was even able to use one of your 3d printers with the help of a couple members. Please do let me know if you need anything else from me to process my membership application. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best - Rob Lower (65O.937.9931)

=== James Carpino === Welcome James!

Electronics, programming, CNC, machining, 3D printing, FIRST Robotics competition mentor, hardware hacking, salvaging, repair, vintage computing, music. Biology PhD. I've worked on my hobbies in a vacuum for long enough; joining HM is my first major step toward social & open technology hacking. Currently scrambling to prototype and market a compact personal 3D printer. Interested in getting the laser working, and helping with CNC (upgrade and/or build from scratch). Open to running workshops. (Briefed 10/23/14 DR)

=== Tim Flannery === Membership ipendings conditional on board approval, pending briefing.

Currently working at HM on a connected chess board device over the past month or two. Designed the chess pieces, currently cutting, staining, and assembling the board, than embedding RFID sensors/microcontrollers. Next project: 3D printed pinhole camera. Love the HM folks, space, and energy. Hope to use it for projects and for office space. Happy to help out any way I can.

Other New Business

Member Reports

President's report

Maker Faire went swimmingly. 3 Editor Ribbons. Check them out in the entry way. New York Times coming through. Arthur. "He's a nice dude"

OpenHouse New York - Justin will resend an email with details. on Oct. 10th and 11th.

Treasurer's report

Accounting change. Don't waste electricity. Winter is Coming

Secretary's report

Will have better stats on votes going forward.

Directors-at-Large's reports


Member Reports

HM is moving to dry land!

Rob - Will have arduino/heart class(Novemberish)

Steven - julian Assange Vid Chat went really well.

Roll Call

  • In Person:
  • Over IRC:


  • Rob to Guan
  • Robby to Guan
  • Eugene to Matthew