Meeting 2014-08-26

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Proposal for Wheeled Under-Table Storage

At the July monthly meeting I promised I would submit a proposal for under-table storage. The URL above is that proposal. It contains diagrams, descriptions, and cost estimates. Anyone can access the document without sign-in and comment. To make a comment, select some text and then select Comment from the right-click menu option.

Summary: We can build quite a bit of under-table storage out of readily available Home-Depot materials. The total cost estimated for the full plan described is $375.20, but we could start smaller.

We could also investigate other sources for materials, but unless we were going to purchase lumber and build the units ourselves, we’d have to be careful with dimensions of purchasable units.

Luckily, the dimensions for cabinets assembled from the purchasable materials specified shown fill the available space quite nicely. (And lumber costs more than you would guess. :-) )


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