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Consensus Agenda


New rule: Members are prohibited from driving buses into the space.

  • I realize that this is after the deadline, but this has happened at the London Hackspace, and it would be Bad. --Guan (talk) 15:50, 28 July 2014 (UTC)

Install a Shelf for Semi-Permanent Storage of Test Instruments

  • I believe this and alternatives have been discussed sufficiently on the list to present this proposal here.
  • Ultimaker should remain usable.
  • Soldering table should remain usable.
  • It will be OK to temporarily move small enough instruments to new locations if there is space contention...
  • ...but put them back before you leave.
  • The intent is that larger instruments should be used in place.
  • We would like someone in favor of the proposal (Stephen Lynch?) to present a sketch for discussion on Blabber..
  • Final approval following comments on the email-distributed sketch can be by consensus or by the Board.

Explore under-table wheeled storage

  • I believe this and alternatives have been discussed sufficiently on the list to present this proposal here.
  • This would be in the form of wheeled shelf units or carts for seldom-used items that would go under the central tables.
  • The comfortable use of the tables should not be impeded
  • The storage units should be easily movable and contents should be visible externally.
  • The storage units should be labeled and given locations for Things.
  • These should completely replace boxes currently under the table, if any.
  • The central tables should otherwise be kept clear, except for power strips and active work.
  • The intent is both storage and easy access to the central floor area for cleaning and/or placement of a ladder to reach the ceiling.
  • We would like someone in favor of the proposal (Peter?) to present a concrete proposal for further discussion on Blabber.

New Business

A point of order has been raised that these items have not properly been raised and discussed on the mailing list prior to the deadline.


Purchase a tooling post to make stenciling easier: - No clear majority, tabled. [1]

- would have been great for game of life
- ~$110+30

Purchase a LC meter to accurately(R) measure inductance and capacitance: - Passed with flying colors [2]

- $40


1) tooling post, this is a large chunk of metal with precision holes at fixed intervals. It also comes with the posts that fit perfectly in the holes. It is mainly used for aligning stencils to pcb's. When hack manhattan works on another large project or anyone is making any pcb, if you add those holes in your design and the stencil, you will always have perfect alignment. It greatly speeds up assembly time.

2) LC meter. Multimeters have resistance meters and sometimes capacitance meters, but as far as I know, we don't have any way of measuring inductance. This cheap LC meter can measure both inductance and capacitance. And should give us a fairly good 1% measurement.

  • I support buying an LC meter. But I'm hesitant about the cost of the tooling post. Is it worth it? --Guan (talk) 14:13, 28 July 2014 (UTC)

Test equipment shelf

Create a shelf above the soldering station to permanently mount Testing equipment. (o-scope, logic analyzer, small computer station, etc...)

    $200 dollars approved - further discussion on design.

The following questions were discussed on the mailing list: --Guan (talk) 14:13, 28 July 2014 (UTC)

  • Would the shelf obstruct work space?
  • Would the shelf obstruct projection?
    • Should we have a roll down screen instead? A 96x96 manual pull down one about $120.
  • Would it be better to move the Ultimaker somewhere else and have that table be the test station?
    • We could still do shelves in this scenario. The component boxes currently against the wall could be a problem.
  • Would a fixed position for test equipment create an undesirable norm that the equipment cannot be moved temporarily for use elsewhere?

Alternative proposal from Stephen

Modest proposal:

Switch the soldering and electronic tables. Move relocated electronics table towards the window a few feet. Make or acquire a small table or cart to go in between the electronic and soldering tables. Put the Ultimaker on that. Consolidate the electronic part boxes. Build a shelf behind the the electronics table for electronics testing equipment as discussed. Accept that the electronics table may have to pulled out from the wall as much as a foot so that the workspace clears the shelf. Make up a few soldering kits in the small whitish translucent plastic Container Store boxes we have everywhere and label them SOLDERING KIT. Leave in stack over by soldering station. Even if they are left on the large table sometimes, they would be easy to relocate since they are in a box.

  • We gain a electronics testing station that doesn't have to coexist with all the soldering equipment.
  • By putting the electronics testing station in back, pulling it out from the wall won't be as intrusive.
  • Our extra soldering irons will be more readily available then they are now.

Access control

Konstantin is authorized to install a breathalyzer on the door lock and to institute minimum alcohol levels for access.

Ewwwwwwwwww --DrReeves (talk) 19:22, 29 July 2014 (UTC)

- Does not pass, but authorized to do so.

Formerly in Consensus Agenda

  • Chi Chan

-Industrial Designer. Likes to make stuff. Inspired by others who make stuff. - Welcome Chi.

  • Matt Stove

- Not his real name. EE of microchips and rockets. Hella hitchhiking. Boating and making 4lyfe. No programming. Seriously. Please only analog. Srsly. -Welcome Matt.

  • John Larson

-Welcome John!

  • Mark

- A Lawyer.


  • Max

-Artist of sculpture an music +tech. -Welcome!!!!


Other New Business

Member Reports

President's report

- Festivals Art in Odd Places and Open House New York J will throw some stuff on blabber.

We may host Fixer's Collective

Treasurer's report

Financial Report on email. Donation of Electronics - for typewriters

Secretary's report

- Finish the Keg!

Directors-At-Large's reports

- People did a great job donating to the passenger pigeon project. Make sure to cover in tinfoil.

  • We haven't offered any classes for some time, and it would be good to get some on the calendar. Any volunteers to run some? They could be repeats of earlier successful classes, or completely new ones.

Member Reports

-HOPE - it was great!

-Justin, finished some Garments! It's excellent because it has been worn.It's super hard. Really.

- Event on Japanese Woodworking in Bushwhick. An advertisement will be posted.

-Alex, brother on Songwriters in Nashville. More to follow on Blabber!

Roll Call

  • In Person:
  • Over IRC: