Meeting 2014-05-27

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Consensus Agenda

Purchasing Digital ReadOut components for the mill

2x ($36.95+$5.99 shipping)
1x ($26.95+$5.99 shipping)

Total cost $118.82

Let's authorize $130 to cover tax and such --Guan (talk) 22:57, 27 May 2014 (UTC)

This will give us a digital display on the mill which will make it much easier to use. Currently, it's a pain in the ass to do any precision work on it between the .0625" per turn (let's see that was 8 and a quarter turns so...) and the backlash. It's a pretty reasonable price and my internet research says they should be pretty easy to install. If we get these I will take charge of the installation, although I (Nickolai) welcome any help!



Statement of Policy

The corporation shall adopt the following policies:

  1. The axiom of choice is adopted.
  2. The right-hand rule is mandated.
  3. Conventional current flow is preferred.
  4. We should have one or more official songs.
    1. I will prepare a guitar arrangement of "Brush Up Your Shakespeare" for our next Shakespeare night.
  5. Members named Alex shall be known by their last names.
  6. We should have fewer policies.

All has been approved!

New Business

Formerly in Consensus Agenda

  • Mark Carroll - Welcome Mark!
  • Kera Phillip - Architect; Slowly getting into Tech; Currently Working on Dispenser! Welcome Kera!
  • Rob Lower - Welcome Rob!
  • Gabriel (Gabe) Baltaian -- History Major; Committing Television: Dances with Stars; Wants to learn about 3D printing!

Other New Business

  • Any discussion needed about complaint about the hive on the roof. (Peter)
    • Since Stephen is taking the lead, per the next line, I suggest we table this discussion (in the American sense of the term). (Peter)
    • I'm not here because the beekeepers' meeting is tonight (Tuesday 5/27). I'll report back with their thoughts. (Stephen)

We will await report.

  • Some help is needed please to remove the other AC unit and dispose of it along with the other old one, and install Stephen's other working AC unit.

This will be done.

Member Reports

President's report

  • Greenspaces - 6/14, anyone available? -An email will be set
  • Volunteers needed for FIGMENT - An unofficial sign up spreadsheet will be signed.

Treasurer's report


Secretary's report

Note Taken

Directors-At-Large's reports

  • Has anyone actually asked for a table for us at HOPE yet? If not, I'll go ahead and get that process started.

Dave will do this In terms of having a table, we just need some simple cool stuff. Preferably blinking. Thomas will send some more information via email.

  • Amateur Radio going well, with HM members serving at local ARES events and working on new tech for improving disaster readiness in the canyons.
  • Limited number of 3D-print-your-own microrobot kits will be available from this week at cost ($50) for anyone who wants to build one, particularly as a project to do at the space - see Dave if you'd like one. They include a Nano and rechargeable batteries!
  • Can anyone offer some workshops in the coming months? It can be a significant fraction of our income and helps to pay the rent!
  • If anyone has pictures taken at HM or HM events this year, please email them to Dave who is collating them for promo slideshows.
  • NYCEDC is running its NYC's Next Top Maker competition again this year, opening June 2014

Member Reports

Roll Call

  • In Person:
  • Over IRC:


Time for meeting: 20 minutes and 40 seconds.