Meeting 2014-04-29

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Consensus Agenda

  • Since both air conditioners are currently not operational, I propose that we authorize an expenditure of $400 to either fix our current unit(s) or buy a new one (i.e. 12000 BTU with remote, for our ~700 sqft) in the next month. citybadger has offered to donate a pair of AC units, so if they work HM funds won't be used. --DrReeves (talk) 19:59, 29 April 2014 (UTC)

Agenda passes

New Business

Formerly in Consensus Agenda

Alex Fine - Welcome Alex F.

Alex Pryka - Super fun to be here. Would like to become a member! Welcome Alex P.!

Fawn Qiu - Flappy Box Creator! On Kickstarter! Welcome Fawn!

Member Reports

President's report

Treasurer's report

Financial Report was sent out. We are at full rent and utilities. Lease negotiations underway.

Secretary's report

Directors-At-Large's reports

  • Our first ham radio test session was a success, with many members getting their tickets. Thanks to Gary from KC2RA in Brooklyn for showing us the way! Next session will probably be sometime in June.
  • A hot glue gun was left on several times this month. Please, if you're the last to leave, don't forget to unplug anything that gets hot.
  • As we grow, the space is getting used more often. Please continue to inform the blabber list if you intend to organize an event in the space, and review the Space Use Policy.
  • In case you missed it on the list, Guan figured out the correct link to use if you want to support us maximally when you make Amazon purchases. Please Bookmark it!

Member Reports

Thomas - HOPE update is eminent. Mid July date. If anyone can help us get a spot, please let us know. HOPE is in Hotel Pennsylvania.

Matthew - Going to Cooper Union! Mazel Tov! Selling Out.

Guan's Dad! National Academy of Sciences!

Roll Call

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  • Over IRC: