Meeting 2014-01-28

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Consensus Agenda

New Business

Overview on hosting events at HM (e.g., membership status, "booking" a date/time, costs and compensation, resources) (Meryl)

Formerly in Consensus Agenda

  • Eric Kim (absent, no vote)
  • Marco "
  • Elijah Chen - ACCEPTED

Member Reports

President's report

I picked up a job teaching for the next few weeks on Tuesday nights, which unfortunately means I'm not here for the meetings. We're working on a remotely actuated gavel, until then you'll just have to imagine.

Wanted to thank everyone who's been running classes - it makes a substantial difference in our finances, as well as getting new folks in the door. CharlieHearts should be a big hit for hackery valentines, and I hear the Arduino class was a smashing success. In that vein, the Intro to Sewing Machine class will be Feb 10. Don't forget to put classes on the meetup!

Treasurer's report

Secretary's report

Director-At-Large's report

Member Reports

Roll Call

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