Meeting 2013-12-03

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Consensus Agenda

  • Robert's "curtain" proposal pulled out and added to New Business by Peter.
  • Removed my suggestions for reformatting the Bylaws and Meeting Announcement pages. (Peter)
  • Shelves issue pulled by Stephen

New Business

Formerly in Consensus Agenda

  • Purchase and installation of a thick curtain to be installed between the machine shop area and the large common area. This will provide some noise separation and safety when people are working on projects while other events are going on.
    • Cost Estimate: $500; Proposed by: Robert Diamond (rmd6502)
    • Removed from Consensus Agenda by Peter, for the following reasons.
      • It seems to me that a thick curtain is unlikely to be adequate if someone is using, say the table saw. I would like us to consider a more soundproof separation.
      • The last curtain proposal did not even include extending the curtain to the ceiling. I'm not sure about this one.
      • When someone was using a table saw in the machine room a few weeks ago, it was impossible to talk, and painful to even sit and work, in the rest of the space. I do not think curtains would have mitigated the sound very much, especially if they did not reach to the ceiling.
      • My guess is that re-erecting the plexiglas walls in the new position would be more effective; or if not, an extra-thick-sheetrock divider certainly would be.
  • This discussion should make us think about HM's long term future. I think we should have a machine shop and it's great that people are using it. Hypothetically, if we had more space available—for example the entire floor—which walls would we tear down and where would we have the machine shop? --Guan (talk) 20:30, 27 November 2013 (UTC)
        • After discussion, it is proposed that members are asked to be considerate to other users and post to the blabber list if they plan to do any extensive loud work in the space. The board will further investigate insulation options.
  • Approve expenditure of $97.60 on the 3 Home Depot wire shelving units already in the space. --Guan (talk) 21:22, 29 November 2013 (UTC) - APPROVED

Amendment to Bylaws

Proposal 1: Clarification on when annual meetings are held

Article 3, Section 1 (titled "Annual Meeting") is amended by stricking the entire section and inserting:

The board shall call the annual meeting of members in accordance with Sections 603 and 605 of the Not-for-Profit Corporation Law. The meeting shall be held in November or December.


Proposal 2: Clarification on notice of meetings

Article 3, Section 7 is added:

It is the policy of the corporation that an email sent to the corporation's member email list as well as a member's personal email address, if one is on file with the corporation, shall constitute personal notice of meetings to that member within the meaning of Section 605 of the Not-for-Profit Corporation Law, and that personal notice is the only means of notice that is ordinarily employed.

A member may opt out of personal notice and instead receive notice of meetings by first or second class mail. A member who wishes to opt out shall notify the corporation of the member's mailing address and any change of address. The opt out shall be effective for meetings held 20 days or later after the corporation has received the member's notice.


Proposal 3: Even more relaxed quorum requirements

Article 3, Section 6 is amended by adding the following after the first paragraph:

For the purposes only of unanimous decisions on matters that were announced with sufficient notice in the call to the meeting, including decisions made with no opposing votes, regular meetings held at the corporation's premises shall be considered quorate notwithstanding the number of members present.


Proposal 4: Quorum not required for elections at annual meetings

Article 3, Section 6 is amended by adding the following after the last paragraph:

A quorum shall not be necessary to carry out elections at regular annual meetings held at the corporation's premises and called in accordance with the Not-for-Profit Corporation Law and this article.

Note: A quorum would still be required to carry out elections outside annual meetings.


Proposal 5: Members are responsible for satisfying the conditions of membership

Article 2, Section 7 is amended by adding the following:

Each member is solely responsible for maintaining his or her membership in good standing, including observing these by-laws and the rules of the corporation and the payment of dues, fees, or assessments. No act or omission by the corporation shall prejudice the power of the corporation to terminate membership because of a member's failure to pay dues, fees, or assessments. No act or omission by the corporation shall prejudice the power of the corporation to terminate membership for any other reason, except by a decision of the members.


Proposal 6: Change size of board, election procedure for at-large directors

Article 4, Section 1 is amended by changing the first instance of "one additional at-large director" to "two additional at-large directors".


Article 4, Section 3 is amended by changing "at-large director" in the third paragraph to "at-large directors", and appending after the third paragraph:

At-large directors are elected according to the vote counting procedure set forth in The Scottish Local Government Elections Order 2007 (Scottish Statutory Instruments 2007 No. 42), to be known as "Scottish STV". Absent clear and convincing evidence to the contrary, the output of the OpenSTV software in Scottish STV mode shall be considered the result of the election, provided that any candidate may demand re-entry of election ballots into the software immediately after the results are announced, or a hand recount immediately after the results from re-entered ballots are announced.

The following procedure, to be known as "London mayoral STV", is used for electing the officers of the corporation:

  • Dina Neishtadt
  • Raffy Dakessian
  • Matthew Evanusa
  • Margaret Spring
  • Matthew Murphy


Election of Officers


(Candidates - Justin Levinson, ) UNOPPOSED


(Candidates - Guan Yang, ) UNOPPOSED


(Candidates - Robert (Robby) O'Connor, Annie Hsu, Ricardo De Peña, Vitaly Druker ,) VITALY elected after 2nd round votes tallied, following a tie in the 1st round.


(Candidates - David Reeves, Dina Neishtadt, Meryl Greenblatt , Robby O'Connor) DAVID elected in the 1st round noone elected 2nd round MERYL elected 3rd round (by STV)

Member Reports

President's report

Treasurer's report

Secretary's report

Director-At-Large's report

Member Reports

  • Robert- Laser cutter is working, minimally. With arcing. So it's not quite ready for general use yet, due to safety concerns, but yay.
  • Thomas - will work on HOPE in the near future.
  • Justin - sewing workshop TBD
  • Dave - HAM radio, want to build better antenna on roof.

Roll Call

  • In Person: Thomas, Vitaly, Gadi, Stephen, Robbie, Meryl, Justin, Peter, Robert, Guan, Nickolai, Dave, JC
  • + 8 visitors
  • Over IRC: