Meeting 2013-10-29

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Consensus Agenda

  • (dr) suggest creation of a HM Facebook Group (different from the existing fb Page) to allow new and current users to post items of interest/act as another forum for HM-related stuff
  • (dr) propose that action be taken by members to make the lasercutter ready for use, and if that is not possible, to store it elsewhere.

New Business

  • John Connor
  • Norman Savitt
  • Gadi
  • Brian Sabbeth
  • Neil Strauss

(all voted in, Welcome!)

Member Reports

President's report

Treasurer's report

Secretary's report

  • Secretary post will need to be filled at next meeting as incumbent is leaving HM.

Director-At-Large's report

Member Reports

  • citybadger - sewing show and tell Nov 9th
  • Konstantin - greenhouse meeting?
  • Nickolai - Autodesk fusion classes

Roll Call

In Person: Dave, Guan, Justin, Peter S, Norman, Margaret, Rob D, Gadi, Robert, Riccardo, Nicki, Meryl, Matthew, Konstantin, Stephen, Nickolai, Alex, JC, Glenn

Over IRC: