Meeting 2013-08-27

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Consensus Agenda

New Business

  • Nicky Sha
  • Janusz H
  • Tanda Francis
  • Alex Yoo
  • Vitaly Drucker

Member Reports

President's report

  • We need to recruit more members to help pay our increased rent.

Thanks for making people feel welcome, it's been going well and I constantly get positive feedback on it. Nice work! I know we come on Tuesday to hack and hang out, but it's an important part of making the space inviting and keeping us who we are - so thanks to everyone who's been doing a great job.

The Maker Faire we all know and love is coming up, and it's a great time to do some recruitment. Please sell the space and its benefits to people you meet!

We're trying to make it easier for people to get over the hump of joining. We get lots and lots of people who express an interest, but never actually get around to signing up. We're looking to strike a balance between removing obstacles and delays for new people and staying true to our mission, making sure we have people on board who understand how the space works, etc.

We've put a sign up sheet and instructional handouts on membership in the space for visitors, and cleaned up the info on the website. If people seem interested or ask about membership, have them leave their name and contact info on the sheet at the very least, and one of us (probably me) will follow up with them.

If people ask you about membership, the most important thing they need to do is get their name on the agenda for our next business meeting (which they don't actually need to attend). Payment and keys can be checked and dispensed later if necessary.

  • Anyone willing to put together a radio workshop for the NY Hall of Science? Oct 12.
  • Maker Mondays at Fat Cat
  • Kickstarter hackathon will be 10-6 on Sat 14th September. All invited.

Treasurer's report

Secretary's report

Director-At-Large's report

  • Beverage donations now supporting the kegerator. Other requests for drinks or beverage equipment can be entertained thanks to members' and visitors' generosity.
  • World Maker Faire 2013 - details and coordination. Free and discounted Tickets available for those who pledge at least 4 hours service on the wiki (edit wiki with preferred time slot), first pledge first serve.
  • 3 Printrbots have been donated to the space. Plan to use for newbies on 3D Thursdays, but if you have hacks in mind, they're available for that too
  • It would be great to have more classes in the space in the coming Fall season. Nickolai mentioned a CAD class, and I'll do more 3D printing classes - please submit your offers to teach a class!

Member Reports

Roll Call

In Person:

Dave R, Guan, Justin, Konstantin, Nickolai, Meryl, Charles, Vitaly, Thomas, Nicky, Janusz, Ashton, Matthew, Ben S

Over IRC: Robby C