Meeting 2013-05-28

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Consensus Agenda

New Business

Proposed STEM class with TekServe - thoughts on dates

Update on Meryl and Margaret's progress on FurrBot kit in reference to TekServe class date

  • Zachary Giles (approved)

Member Reports

President's report

  • Micropayments system is now up from UCash for our beverage and plastic donations. Will set up as finance@hackmanhattan.
  • FIGMENT assembly party June 1/2 weekend

Treasurer's report

  • Summary given by email

Secretary's report

Director-At-Large's report

  • We're hosting another talk by Frank O'Brien (of Apollo Computer fame) who will be talking about the Mars Curiosity Rovers at 1 p.m. on Saturday 6/22/13 at the NYPL Jefferson Market Branch.

Member Reports

Roll Call

In Person: Dave, Guan, Justin, Thomas, Jonathan, Meryl, Meryl, Matthew, Ben S, Konstantin

Alan Hyman, Adam (Make Simply), Caesar, Film Crew for "Your Input Needed" about Maker Culture (Curious or Creative)

Over IRC: Glenn Stephen