Meeting 2013-04-30

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Consensus Agenda

Cancellation/resignation of membership

Proposal: Members who cancel within 3 days after a monthly dues payment is due may do so effective halfway into the dues cycle. If that dues payment has been paid, they may receive a refund of half of the last month's dues paid. In all other circumstances, cancellations are effective at the end of dues cycle. --Guan (talk) 14:19, 27 March 2013 (UTC)

Financial matters

Approve expenditures:

  • Additional $150 for expansion
  • Lockpick and T-shirt inventory
  • $150 for printing

New Business

  • Marcus Cooper
  • David Lerner
  • Martin Andrews

Member Reports

President's report

  • New Partnerships with Tekserve, New York Hall of Science in Queens (off site workshops by HM possible for cobranding/profit)

Treasurer's report

  • Financial report summary

Secretary's report

  • Out of the country April 2-May 1

Director-At-Large's report

  • We participated in/held several sucessful events this month, including the Cicada Tracker events here and with Radiolab, Westport MiniMaker Faire, Beer Brewing Day and Arduino Class. Ideas and volunteers to teach future classes gladly accepted.
  • We're hosting another talk by Frank O'Brien (of Apollo Computer fame) who will be talking about the Mars Curiosity Rovers at 1 p.m. on Saturday 6/22/13 at the NYPL Jefferson Market Branch.
  • Visit to InfoAge Center/Radio Museum/IXR Hackerspace in NJ - Sunday 5/5 leaving at 1 pm from HM
  • 3D Printers - Ultimaker and Prusa instructions and Slic3r configs are now on the wiki
  • Board Games night? Which night?
  • FIGMENT - we're signed up so we need people to help build Interactive_Automaton] by June!
  • Propose working group for possible hardware co-working space under HM umbrella (cf Artisan's Asylum) to fill space vacated by Alchemical in August

Member Reports


Round Pi Case Propose Advanced Arduino Class for August - wireless comms? Propose event for 'hacked' or new water cannons


Document Scanner Orbital Mechanics lecture given this Saturday


Furrbot - want to build a sibling/kit - looking for collaborators


Cutting pallettes for rooftop planters - need suggestions for planting medium

Roll Call

In Person:

Guan, Justin, Stephen, Jason, Robert, Meryl, Robbie, Matthew, Ben S, Konstantin, Dave, Chris, Nikolai, Thomas


4 (Martin, Jasons +2, Meryl's +1)

Over IRC: Glenn