Meeting 2013-02-26

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Agenda Items

Meeting Minutes

Roll Call

In Person:

Crystal DaveR Konstantin Chris Stratton Jason Robby Matthew

non-members FredM FredS BK Aaron Sophia Geirgiou

Over IRC: Guan

Review of Last Meeting's Minutes

The Consensus Agenda

  • Moving details moved to New Business

Board Member Reports

President's report

  • Expansion update
    • Expanding into studio D (next door) April 3rd
    • Getting $1500 rent rebate from Alchemical in agreement to push move back from March to April
    • $4500 penalty from Alchemical if they have not vacated D by April 2nd
    • We retain hall closet until April 2nd
    • Carlo remains building super until April 2nd; super responsibilities may change after that time
    • Will need bigger group to approve plans, also may need permit for esp removal of drywall waste
    • GUAN commented over IRC that we should provide specific purchase proposals
  • Upcoming group events
    • Westport Mini Maker Faire application deadline March 27th, event date April 27th
    • Figment application deadline: April 24th, event dates June 8-9. Wiki page on Conway's Game of Life project is here.
  • Equipment
    • End mills donated by Nickolai -- thanks!
    • Tables donated by Chris -- thank you!
    • Please not to prepare beverages on the plotter (electrostatic bed and all that...)

Treasurer's report

No report, financial report will be distributed by email.

Secretary's report

Director-At-Large's report

Old Business

New Business


  • Propose that all expansion and remodeling expenses be deducted from the $1500 rent refund for D from Alchemical, with any balance to be applied to additional equipment purchases (TBD after renovation expenses are confirmed) . There is a Wiki page here for equipment suggestions. If we are finally going to get that laser cutter, we should discuss suggestions for funding at the March meeting (member pledges, charging for use, Kickstarter, etc.). SuperLuckyCat (talk) 19:06, 26 February 2013 (UTC)
    • We've already approved $500 for expansion expenses. Are you suggesting that we approve more than that sum? The part about expenses being deducted from the $1500 doesn't make sense because that money is going to Hack Manhattan. Money is fungible. In any case this proposal is complicated enough that I'd like to move it to new business. --Guan (talk) 19:59, 26 February 2013 (UTC)
      • Motion tabled for discussion at next meeting ***

Trash and Recycling

Mice and Roaches have been spotted in the space and common areas recently. If you see the trashcans in the space are full, please empty them into the big trashcan with the lid under the bench in the closet room. If you have generated food waste, it would be best if it went straight into that trashcan rather than the one in the space. Recycling goes under the bench too in clear plastic bags. If you are in the space after 6pm on Mondays or Thursdays, please put trash from the large trashcan in big black bags at the kerb in front of the door of 137, along with any recycling bags. On Thursdays only, all the cardboard must be packed into securely-bound flattened bundles and put out on the kerb along with the other trash for pickup.

  • Sophia Georgiou (admitted accepted without objection)

Potential Members Introduction

Member Reports

Konstantin - SEM build Dave - Kickstarter people said do more awesome projects HM is great Matthew - glue gun printer