Meeting 2013-01-29

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Agenda Items

Robert for Arduino workshop.

Meeting Minutes

Roll Call

In Person: Justin Levinsion Stephen Lynch Meryl Greenblatt Robby O'Connor Ben Sugmori* Crystal Konstantin Nicolai Guan Glenn Nanney Ben David Reeves

Proxies for Peter Shenkin.

Over IRC: None.

Review of Last Meeting's Minutes

The Consensus Agenda


  • Approve $500 for expenses in connection with move.

Board Member Reports

President's report

Treasurer's report

(presented by email)

  • Financial report
  • Liability form audit

Secretary's report

Justin Day of NYCResistor is discussing a summit. Perhaps a series of events towards build a cross-space project for Maker Faire.

Director-At-Large's report

Parson's project. Elliot Montgomery.

Old Business

New Business

Carlo Addresses HackManhattan

Carlo addressed the group.

Carlo is uncertain about the move. Facing rent increase and short lease.

Their choices:

  1. to leave here at the end of March when lease is up.
  2. or have 2 months free rent for Studio E.

Assuming all goes well, we will move Sunday, February 24th at 5pm.

There was some discussion about when to start the preparation of Studio B. They will let us know when is good the week before. And there is some contention about packing before the move: do the movers pack or do we pack?

  • Ben Sugimori
  • Matthew Duepner (conditional yes upon meeting his parents and some guidelines)
  • Glenn Nanney
  1. Quorum approval
  2. Monthly dues
  3. Signed waiver on file
  4. Membership in email list

"I solemnly swear to be a *great* Hack Manhattan member."

Potential Members Introduction

Member Reports