Meeting 2012-10-30

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Roll call

Consensus Agenda

President's report

  • I'd like to mount Brain Bats in the space: suggestions or objections welcome.
  • Kickstarter Sept. rewards still need to ship, and LED modules will be late. They'll likely have to go separately.
  • Workshops and talks: any plans/suggestions? KiCad on Saturday is last on the schedule (any help needed there?).
  • Building news:
    • Currently investigating ventilation for the closet in advance of putting in a utility sink (Carlo is checking).
    • Rooftop planters from New School: anyone want to adopt? Else need to trash them and do general cleanup before winter.
    • Walls are back up on machine shop.
  • Board Elections: schedule for next meeting?

--Yes: annual meeting to be held on November 27th will include election of officers: --Crystal 20:20, 30 October 2012:

Treasurer's report

  • Update on status of lease

Secretary's report

Director-At-Large's report

  • Will be visiting InfoAge Science Center in NJ soon, including fellow hackerspace IXR - if interested in a weekend day trip let me know.
  • Please remember if you can on your way out to empty trash into the big trashcan under the bar in the back room under the stairs
  • Are we cancelling the CLEAR modem service?
  • Need for a hacker-supercharged coffee solution for the space has been raised - ideas please!
  • Suggest limiting the stack height of personal storage boxes to 5. We should order more boxes too.

--Do we need to get some larger size boxes? --Crystal 20:29, 30 October 2012:

New Members

  • Anton Shmagin
  • Jordan Erenrich

--Voted in: Welcome! --Crystal 20:29, 30 October 2012

New Business

Robert - would like peoples' takes on my giving an advanced Arduino class in November. I'm thinking communication (wired and wireless if there's time) - also by way of reporting on project status: [Already know of several folks who missed the first beginner class who would be interested in that too. But yeah, bring on the hardcore too ;) - Dave]

Old Business

KiCad Workshop

  • Taking place Saturday, November 3rd
  • Tickets still available on Eventbrite for $75, $30 with membership discount

--Looks like this will be rescheduled? Guan to confirm. --Crystal 20:29, 30 October 2012

Board Member Reports