Meeting 2012-06-26

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Streaming audio (TBD):


  • President's report
    • Moving vs Staying -- President's opinions

- Update on situation: Cramped now, need to expand. Options needed from Kenny. Theaterlab tenants don't intend to leave. Carlo willing to swap rooms with us [group visited room]. Carlo can't move out by 1st July (maybe 1 more week?) ** Daniel : nice deal on space, average rent/sqft.However, not viable to stay as difficult to be Kenny's tenant. Could be wrong about that. Long term cost and risk by staying.

    • Kenny: Terms? - $1500: Carlo's space+closet+balcony access. 7 yr with 'escape' clause. Utilities ~15% of current $500 elec bill + Rent increases on CoL/inflation standard /yr. Input wanted on potential other orgs as neighbours, e.g. PLoTS. Roof access in the lease? Yes. Super discount? Who will be super? Carlo.
    • Robert: moving buildings req lots of labor and puts hackerspace out of action for a while.
    • Peter: if space < 600sqft would want to expand. Possible? (Yes, maybe likely)
    • Guan - initial low cost expansion, could be followed by move elsewhere in 1-2 yr
    • Kenny - interpersonal drama should wane once leases are sorted out. - risk of empty bldg.
  • Treasurer's report
    • Financial report
    • ~ $2000 dues income this month (predicted).
    • Kickstarter funding, brainbats budget
    • $500-600 to fulfil rewards (13% of income), ~$300 unspent
    • Any member can access financial reports.
  • Secretary's report
    • MFTA followup?
  • Director-At-Large's report

Old Business

New Business

Dave@Motion: Hack Manhattan membership empowers and directs the Board to negotiate a lease with power to sign with Kenny for the space as discussed at 137 14th St, with this power expiring midnight Jul 10th. - Motion carried 8 - 1 (Daniel).

Daniel@Motion: Hack Manhattan is under no obligation to provide building or other services for hire and will reject offers of work from Kenny in future. Carried 7-2 (abstentions).

Robert@Motion: Delegate a fixed or rotating facilities committee to deal with legal, lease and facilities issues. The committee will be empowered and directed by the Board to act on its behalf in these matters and will also have its own mailing list. Carried unopposed.

Crystal: Proposed Project Management / Events management system to coordinate larger scale Projects. Dave - org could vote on commitments. Stephen - don't want approval process. Daniel - suggest use of email+Wiki+calendar pages. Be responsible. Peter suggested future consideration - bring up again at future meeting.

New Members

  • Ronald Koder

Unanimously accepted as new member.

Member Reports

Stephen - Bees are making honey for us now!

Robert - nixie tubes - calculator kit - Display at Maker Faire

Dave - Brain Bats 2 player. Madagascar Jewel seeds and seedlings available.

Daniel - 2 player parser. Will talk to Emotiv. Dave to start openEEG build soonest. Guan wrote parser in Processing (might be more flexible?).

Guan - Making a Princess Phone Ring.

Roll Call

Members: Daniel, Dave, Guan, Peter, Crystal, Robert, Stephen, Kenny, (Ron Koder)

Non-members: Bronwyn