Meeting 2012-05-29

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  • President's report
    • Status update on building/expansion:
      Daniel and Quan looked at a space on 20th between 6th & 7th. $1,600/month 9' x 12' shared (half) with a shared CNC Mill (no window). We didn't jump on it because it's the first space we looked at. Also, it may be too small and moving may not be worth it.

      Feeling is the current space is too small to work. 1000 ft2 would be nice, 2000 ft2 would be roomy. But it may be worth it to stay and make the right move.

      As for current building, there's a tenant interested in the top 2 floors. Potentially we could take more space on the 2nd floor. Things are uncertain.

      Another possibility is to join with other science/knowledge-oriented organizations who would take over the top 2 floors with us and form a kind of a citizen science center. We believe rent for the top two floors would be upwards of $8,000.

      Another option is to rent a 1500 ft2 space and do 'desk rental': day renting for freelancers.

      We will continue to aggressively seek new space, but stay open to things happening here. We'll plan to have another space by August unless something concrete changes here.
    • HOPE
      A hackerspace conference in Philadelphia. July 13th. more of a computer security community but there will be makers / DIY people.
    • NYPL
      Seriously worked on having us in a NYPL space, but the world is not yet ready. They asked us to have another event, though, like our Lockpicking event.
  • Treasurer's report
    • Financial report
      We have 19 dues-paying members. We have $4,000 in cash after June rent.

      We sold all of our lockpick sets for a profit of about $200. Overall, we've taken in ~$12K in revenue, outlay ~$8K.

    • Approval of reimbursement for banner, $117.58
      We cannot find the banner, but will still approve the reimbursement.
    • Approval of Kickstarter project and spending, and use of own funds for the project. Proposed resolution: "Reasonable expenses may be paid for rewards and the Brain Pong project up to the net amount raised in the Brain Pong Kickstarter project, plus $300"
      Some discussion of funding the project up to $300 out of HackManhattan funds. Decision tabled.

      We agreed to use the funds from the Kickstarter project on the Brain Pong.
    • Members who wish to support the Kickstarter pledge a small amount to show that there is interest, and possibly toward the end of the project if it will get us funded, but donate the rest directly so we can save 6-8% in fees; ask us about quantity limited rewards
  • Secretary's report
    • Alphabet City Sanctuary: a new "body hackerspace": a community dedicated to movement/wellness/fitness classes.
    • MFTA application update: info submitted, waiting on word.
  • Director-At-Large's report
    • Visits to Philly Hackerspaces: Institute of Exploratory Research, Nextfab Studio and the Hacktory
      They was da bomb.

      Also advice: run basic workshops, keep financials open, in the summer interest goes down.

      Upcoming cool events: World Science Fair. Open Source Hardware Summit. Offered help with the Wallace 3D printer.
  • FIGMENT project
    • Delivery status on parts: due dates for any outstanding components
      boards are here

      LEDs will be here Thursday

      mobile EEG headsets are overdue: we need to get tracking numbers

    • Plan build date
      Solder party on Saturday noon-6pm (RSVP because of space issues) 6 optimal.
    • Web page development for Brain Pong
      Going to have a wiki page.
    • Kickstarter status

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