Meeting 2012-04-24

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  • President's report
    • Status update on building/expansion
  • Building: possible new tenant w/long term lease taking top 2 floors. Negotiations are ongoiong, but interest is serious. There will be a meeting of the board Thursday to discuss.
  • Current lease: 6 months + 6 months. Current lease may be up May 1st? Need to check. Possibilty exists to sublet from new tenants.
  • Renovation date needs to be established for potential compensation due to lack of access to space.
  • Roof access should remain available at current space.
  • Finding a temporary space may be necessary during renovations.
  • Space requirements: want to shop for 1000 sf advertised, 600-700 sf actual.
  • Possible embedding in NYPL location
  • Desired location: between Houston and 40s, but tbd once situation becomes clearer.
  • Daniel will create Wiki page with requirements for any new space. E.g., need roof space for bees.

  • Westport Mini Maker Faire
    • Got accepted: occuring this Saturday the 28th. Details on separate Wiki page.
    • 20% of revenues go to Faire

  • Treasurer's report

  • Financial report
    • $2600 in cash after rent. Will have about $4000 in cash after receivables come in.

  • Laser cutter: $6000 required for Chinese version, same as model at Alpha Labs. Includes honeycomb & some additional accessories.

  • 501c3 status
    • proceeding; should be more news within 90 days

  • Approve budget for Westport Mini Maker Faire
    • Any expenses will be reimbursed post-event
  • Selling lockpicks
    • Possibility to sell to group that is currently organizing.

  • Bee project expenses?
    • Need a total for reimbursement by interested members, to be paid to Stephen
  • Secretary's report
    • N/A

  • Director-At-Large's report
    • Please leave the space cleaner and tidier than you found it
    • Garbage goes in bin in back room.
    • Cardboard gets broken down and put in back room

Old Business

New Members

Member Reports

  • Dave: wants to schedule build day to organize space. Have $100 in budget for shelves or other portable tool organizing system.

  • Robert: Arduino watch advanced workshop in collaboration with Crystal, Robert, Joe.
    • Mobile Dev Camp having hackathon. All mobile, 48 hours, Sphero sponsored. Winners get Sphero.
  • Peter: Stereolithographic printer build w/Guan,
  • Joe : move to Brooklyn made preclude continued membership.
  • Max (visiting): moved from Albany
  • Stephen: beer in 2 weeks, bees doing fine, eggplant will be getting delivered
  • Steven: precision time protocol accepted into summer of code at Google. 10 nanoseconds speed; needs f/t student. Google needs students to mentor for Summer of Code.
  • Kenny (channeled via Daniel): wants better video surveillance, for outdoors with better framerate. Needs Verizon DSL bill payed. Dropped off minidisk. Wants 2 iPod minis left in space for recall -- put in 'mobile devices' box if found.
  • Guan: new Reprap electronics working! Based on toaster oven reflow.
  • Dave: Wallace printer completed. Scalable design!
  • Justin: OpenSCAD phone holder for HTC Inspire show & tell. Holds cards & bills as well as phone.
    • LIght-up bike ideas with Guan
  • Crystal: 3D printing of capacitive stylus, shoe platforms, wearables workshops
  • Dave Scruton (visiting): available for software work
  • Ed Vanderveld (visiting): available for DJ work
  • Ananda: This Sunday: pinhole camera day. Put hole in lenscap of a camera
  • Keno (visiting): may join eventually

Roll Call

Members: Guan, Daniel, Dave, Jim, Steven, Stephen, Justin, Crystal, Robert, Peter, Ananda, Paul

Non-members: Dave Scruton, Maxwell Hanson, Ed Vanderveld