Meeting 2011-12-27

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  • Locksport workshop is back on
  • Lighting fixtures (can we use them)
  • Back closet access (common key copy, hang on wall)
  • Storage containers
  • Shelving
  • Mill update
    • Supposed to be delivered on 30th
    • Steven's Dad ex. machinist has potential parts, can help with set up
  • Electrical
    • Electrician coming back on Friday (call him)
  • New internet provider
  • Phone / calendar options for space
  • Wiki front page lockdown
    • All new wiki accounts will require confirmation
  • Projector

New Business

  • pre-approved up to $400 budget for projector hardware
  • pre-appoved up to $100 for shelving hardware for side shelves
  • pre-approved up to $100 for mill tooling
  • pre-approved up to $5/mo for VOIP service

Old Business

New Members

Pending memberships: Kenny, Jim Galvin, Antonio Simonini

All are approved.

Officer Reports

  • Financial report

Member Reports

DP - EEG update

Roll Call

Jim Galvin, Kenny, Michele, Guan, Steven, Robert, Peter, Daniel

IRC: Ananda, Antonio