Meeting 2011-11-22

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  • Painting
  • Green roof project?
  • Elections coming up next week
  • Bylaws
  • Website
  • Google group(s)
  • NYPL space / locksport workshop / hackerspace mini con
  • Mini mill status

Member reports

  • Steven Kreuzer brought in his Makerbot CupcakeCNC on long-term loan and made some progress getting the printing working with Joe Sadusk
  • Daniel Packer got good feedback on the upcoming EEG and biosignals workshop and presented an idea of geo-mapping of brain signal data which was enthusiastically received
  • DP ordered a bunch of safety equipment with the help of those in attendance - 3 fire ext. for the various rooms, 1 wall mountable eye wash station, 1 wall mountable first aid kit, and a CO/smoke detector.

Roll call

Guan Yang, Joe Sadusk., Steven Kreuzer, Dave Reeves, Todd Fine (from HacDC!)