Meeting 2011-11-15

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  • Finance report
    • Bank account/paypal
    • General opinion seems to be to not publish financial data?
  • Space
    • Electric, painting/walls, tools
    • get some sort of lockable furniture/box
    • Guan looking into signing up with TWC
  • Keys/membership
    • Guan holding keys
  • Organizational
    • Bylaws
      • Review dues cycle
      • specific titles for board members, 1 at large member
      • rewrite board duties
      • remove the bit about recall
      • allow everyone to resign
      • if someone is removed for violations by the board, the lose their board position
      • waiver for physical danger
      • "all members have the same rights and responsibilities..." grammar check
      • vote on bylaws on the 29th, too, guan
    • Elections
      • Nov 29th (two weeks)
    • 501(c)(3)

Roll Call

Dave Reeves, Guan Yang, Joe Sadusk, Steve Kreuzer, Chris Stratton, Daniel Packer, Jonathan Little