Meeting 2011-11-08

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Present: Rendall, Guan, Chris, Dave, Justin, Ananda, Joe, Peter, Jeff

"Inches! What other units are there?"


Rendall, Daniel and Guan will open bank account this week.

Bylaws & elections as soon as we have drafted it.

We will have signed lease soon.

New mill will be delivered next week.

Table needs to be anchored to the wall.

Member reports

Justin has been involved in Occupy Wall Street, is building a portal for people who want to be involved. Also a tool for seeing what mutual funds that people invest in are ultimately invested in.

Joe is trying to get a Super 8 frame viewer working. It worked at one point but a mirror fell out of place and it stopped working. Success, applause.

Ananda is trying to learn Drupal and getting a magnetic card reader to work with an Arduino for access control, with buzzer and magnetic switch on door to stop buzzing.

Guan is trying to provide an IMAP interface to Simplenote using Twisted for Python.

Chris is getting closer to an open hardware kit business. First product is the talking toilet paper roll. Next product is the Haculator, replaces logic of a pocket calculator with an STM32. Calculator will be hard to make a product because the LCD ribbon will break. Ananda asked about development tools, arm-gcc is best.

Dave has been doing 3D scanning, right now using an online service that takes a series of photos and generates a 3D mesh, printed half of his head. Also printed all the printed parts for a Mendel.

Peter reported on his efforts to learn web development with Django and outlined his plans for a web app for Hack Manhattan, including single signon and various databases.

Jeff will start spackling after the meeting and will bolt the table to the wall.