Meeting 2011-11-01

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  • Space/Facilities
    • Painting party? (after spackling)
    • sanding on Sunday 11/6 and after that, bench building and mill de-greasing/setup
      • Ask super (Carlo) about other ladder?
        • DP emailed carlo
    • Lighting
      • Schedule lighting project
      • Jeff brought plan/diagram -- dimmable fl., to go ahead with lighting renovation plan
    • Electric
      • DP working on getting in touch with relevant people
        • DP emailed about meeting up w/ electrician and Kenny offered to possibly subsidize some costs via deposit discount
  • Financial report
    • To date, we've received $1,984.65 in dues ($2050 before paypal fee of 3%)
      • Paypal has frozen withdrawals, but we're halfway to proving we're legit. Uploaded proof of nonprofit corp. Need bank account next.
      • Paypal contacted us, got proof of nonprofit status, now just needs bank account
      • Set up bank account? (Guan mentioned local credit union)
        • Guan to set up account at credit union
        • find out about "two man rule" and whether checks can be mailed in by people directly or not
  • Incorporation
    • DONE! Next step is 501c3 application
  • Lease
    • Lease and Good Guy Guarantee received!
    • Kenny to pay for 1st of 6 monthly deposit payments of $750 total\
    • DP to fax over signed lease (and ask about corporate seal)
  • Bylaws
    • DP still working on finalizing bylaws draft based on HacDC/Noisebridge bylaws, welcomes help
      • See current state (totally rough)
      • Finish by Tuesday the 1st so we have a week to iron out bugs for elections, meet for hour after regular meeting for bylaws discussion
      • Everyone should review bylaws
      • Are there specific requirements for boards for 501c3, ny state law, etc.
  • Elections
    • When to hold elections? The 8th?
  • Marketing
    • Set up wordpress with a customized template
  • bench for mill and painting stuff to bring
    • 39.5" x 16"
    • bring:
      • 2 x 8' 4x4 studs
      • 4 x 8' 2x4 studs
      • 8' x 4' plywood cut in quarters
      • 1/2 inch bolts/nuts/washers
      • sander
      • drill
      • circular saw

Roll Call

Joe Sadusk, Chris Stratton, Peter Shenkin, George Bishop, Dave Reeves, Jonathan Little, Daniel Packer, Sam Brown, Jeff McCrum