Meeting 2011-10-25

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Agenda / Minutes

  • Space/Facilities
    • Jeff to organize spackling/sanding of walls?
    • Painting party next weekend? (29th/30th -- DP to get some supplies, possibly)
      • Ask super (Carlo) about other ladder?
      • Sand/spackle week of Mon 31st
      • Paint weekend of 5th/6th
    • Lighting
      • Jeff brought plan/diagram -- dimmable fl., to go ahead with lighting renovation plan
    • Electric
      • DP to contact super/landlord about electrician to find out about another circuit or two
  • Financial report
    • To date, we've received $1,887.85 in dues ($1950 before paypal fee of 3%)
      • Unfortunately, paypal withdrawal is frozen until we can show we're a registered corp. (DP has been in touch via phone w/ compliance dept. they will not budge)
      • Only way to get money until compliance is reached is to ask for mass refund and get checks from people instead (may be necessary depending on how long incorporation takes) -- Guan on the job!
      • Department of Education's Counsel Office doesn't have a public phone number, but I have emailed them today and asked for a status. Their internal 15 working day deadline expires on Thursday, but they haven't cashed the fee check yet. —Guan 17:15, 25 October 2011 (EDT)
  • Incorporation
    • Guan and DP to pressure education dept for feedback? If takes more than a week, consider refund from paypal or collecting dues outside paypal or bypassing education dept and go straight to state
  • Lease
    • Building's lawyer prepping lease for us to have this week, will likely start Nov 1st
    • Kenny said he'll be flexible on delivering 1st mo rent since paypal situation may delay us
  • Bylaws
    • DP still working on finalizing bylaws draft based on HacDC/Noisebridge bylaws, welcomes help
      • See current state (totally rough)
      • Finish by Tuesday the 1st so we have a week to iron out bugs for elections, meet for hour after regular meeting for bylaws discussion
  • Elections
    • Tuesday the 8th, hold elections in two weeks

Roll Call

Dave Reeves, Joe Sadusk, Chris Stratton, Ananda Das, Peter Shenkin, Sam Brown, Jeff McCrum, Guan Yang, Daniel Packer, Newline (Netoi)