Meeting 2011-10-18

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  • Incorporation
    • complain to education dept in a week and expedit with state afterwards
  • Lease
    • Lawyer was cc'd in email from Kenny about lease, so it's coming
    • good guy guarantee will be signed
  • Reminder: about chairs
    • Folks should pay Jeff McCrum $15 for a chair!
  • Bylaws
    • almost done -- picking and choosing pieces from HacDC/Noisebridge bylaws. DP to send out email about it, ask for suggestions, etc.
  • Talk about equipment
    • out of pocket purchases do NOT need to be voted on (unless they take up space, then a vote on whether or not to use up space may be appropriate)
    • clear labeling of loaned gear
  • Elections
    • Guan suggests alternate to specific board positions where board is collectively responsible for stuff -- DP will add both to bylaws for now
  • Keys
    • to be distributed once lease is signed
  • Facilities
    • go to materials for the arts once we're incorporated (do they require 501c3?)


Member Reports

  • Joe - open surveillance project: kenny has whole bunch of cameras, use for security and art (Rendall, Sam, Kenny, Joe S were at first meeting)

Finance Report

  • current membership revenue, savings, new expenses

New Business

  • new members?
  • elections, lease, bank account/paypal

Roll Call

  • Guan Yang, Daniel Packer, Chris Stratton, Joe Sadusk, Peter Shenkin, Justin Levinson, Ben Unger, Jeff McCrum