Meeting 2011-10-11

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  • Bylaws
  • Call rendall
    • Opinion is we won't be asked to leave
    • Meeting with kenny tomorrow to do "road map"


  • Jeff has plans for an 8' flourescent light, can install in an afternoon and buy parts for $75-200 at home depot
  • DP - consider deadline of end of Oct for lease negotiation? Everyone invite one member, raise $1500-2000/mo
  • DP -- asking around for spaces for lockpicking event, ask google people, ask amazon people -- start marketing the event, sam to ask work (on 15th st), ask Eyebeam
  • JS -- organizing bike workshop, order parts online
  • JL -- has been talking to Eyebeam about collaboration -- have invited us to look at their artists and suggest projects
  • GY - waiting to hear from education dept. another week or two

Member Reports

  • Guan - got his STM32 kit -- will send kit order link to list
  • Sam -- working on smart punching bag
  • Joe - working on hearing aid locator device

Finance Report

  • $950 in dues has come in so far ($920 after paypal fees)

New Business

  • Vouch for existing members, call for new members

Roll Call

Chris S, Ananda D, Joe S, Steven K, Peter Shenkin, Guan Y, Daniel P, Jonathan L, Rendall (via speakerphone)