Meeting 2011-10-04

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Check out Flickr pics of the meeting!


  • Administrative stuff
    • What are our rental options for the space - Rendall gives an update on chats w/ landlord
    • Guan's work on incorporation and the questions raised
    • Bylaws -- DP will present a rough draft of bylaws based on HacDC+Noisebridge bylaws
    • Business plan -- Julio or DP will show progress and ask for feedback
    • Keys -- can we distribute keys yet? When can we? Is the space situation a show stopper, etc.
  • Space
    • Chris, etc. to attempt to wire space to 2nd DSL line that Kenny was using
    • DP to bring a couple of small tables (39" tables from IKEA. I had them laying around)
    • General infrastructure/space/facilities
    • Stuff to buy?
  • Planning
    • Workshops, classes, events
    • Working with Kenny on building stuff (if we are)
  • Specific projects
    • Bike workshop (JS)
    • Electronics workshop (JL)
    • Take apart a printer
    • Bio sensors (DP)
    • Basic robotics/ Analog robotics (DP)
    • AI/Machine learning (DP, SK, etc.)
    • 3D printing/CNC
    • Lockpicking workshop in late oct (DP)
    • NYC hackerspace mini con (DP)
    • Talking stuff (CS)
    • Add your project here...

Roll call

Chris Stratton, Daniel Packer, Jeff McCrum, Ananda Das, Justin Levison, Guan Yang, Dan Carter, Joe Sadusk, Tim Reuter, Jon Botelho


  • Proceed as if we're staying in space because Rendall isn't here with update (stay for another 3-4 months) -- keys will be distributed to dues paying members when that is worked out
  • Guan getting certificate of incorporation printed at Staples
  • Painting party (Jeff's idea), new lighting fixtures, white ceiling (15th or 22nd of Oct)
  • Joe to bring in shelving unit
  • Ventilation for soldering -- buy soldering irons and
  • Vouched for dues paying members: Daniel Packer, Joe Sadusk, Jeff McCrum, Ananda Das, Guan Yang
    • (10 dues paying members currently, ~ $950/mo in dues coming in via paypal)
  • Tim, Dan C plan to become dues paying members

Member Reports

  • Jeff - thinking about space storage (home depot trip)
  • Daniel Packer - Joe looking into space for lockpicking thing
  • DP - Justin to check on Parsons space for mini con, DP to email parson guy on list
  • AD - made geiger counter kit 300v, got him interested in kickstarter arc sound generator (like arc attack)
  • Justin - working on Burdastyle dress,
  • Guan - working on display controller using $4 CPLD chip - could possible work on basic verilog workshop w/ DP & CS
  • Dan - wants to work on Tweet-a-watt, xbee, arduino to display 7 segment info
  • Jon - working on reprap, needs scope
  • Joe - also building reprap for a year, sort of working (heated bed needs work), thinking about software projects -- add python to openscad
  • Tim - playing with mindstorms
  • Chris - working on "making things talk" project - did demo of audio playing from amp chip, using $12 TI STM32 dev kit w/ arm cpu 512K flash