Meeting 2011-09-27

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Roll call

Daniel Packer, Chris Stratton, Joe Sadusk, Steven Kreuzer, Jeff McCrum, Guan Yang, Jonathan Little, David Swift, Rendall


We discussed various equipment we might want to purchase ranging from standard shops stuff (a lathe/mill) to dream stuff (80 watt laser, ShopBot). We discussed workshops, classes. Lockpicking with Schuyler Towne is to be scheduled for weekend at the end of Oct and we'll all look for a large space we can have it in in the meantime. There was some interest in auditing the Stanford AI or machine learning class, but it was unclear if signup was still available.

We discussed the situation with the landlord and agreed we're looking for 300-400 sq ft as a minimum space if we do move. There was general sentiment that one person should not hold the lease under their name and one member told a story of how he put the lease for his startup under his name and then his partners bailed, leaving him holding the responsibility. We agreed Rendall would be the new liason with the landlord, since Daniel has had some troubles there, and that we would explore the situation to see if we can stay in the current space and under what conditions to determine if that's something we can do.

We labeled our chairs with "hack manhattan".