Meeting 2011-09-20

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Meeting will be held at 7:30PM at 137 West 14th St. Studio 201. We'll congregate in the space and then migrate down to Bunga's Den for a drink.


  • Ordering/gathering basic equipment
  • Basic space layout (table/chairs/storage)
    • prioritizing use
    • equipment: electronics bench, sewing machine,
    • guestbook (start w/ paper notebook?)
    • Jeff will take over facilitie section of wiki
    • add section on wish list for donations/loans
    • rent hourly space from theaterlab?
    • rent space from YMCA?
  • Incorporation/board/elections
    • Make final decision on name
    • Appoint someone(s) to draft bylaws (see the sample bylaws on the administration page
    • fail clause -- who gets stuff
    • business plan draft (Julio)
    • quote for liability insurance (dir and off. also)
    • bylaws (send bylaws to Dan)
    • sysadmin committee (Julio, Joe, Steven)
  • Membership/dues/keys
    • Analysis of projected expenses/costs vs. committed dues
  • Activities planning
  • Fund-raising
    • kickstarter
  • Project ideas / requests
    • member area with pics & interests (chris)
    • hackerspace winter mini con (daniel)
    • parent/teacher/kid events (daniel)
      • order kits & sell for classes?
      • subsidize some kids

(please add items as you see fit)

  • costs
    • liability insurance, $50/mo, labor for landlord
    • people feel good about starting in the subsidized space
  • Infrastructure
    • need wifi

Roll call

  • Daniel Packer
  • Nikolas Coukouma
  • Julio Terra
  • Sam Wurzel
  • Joe Sadusk
  • Steven Kreuzer
  • Ai Coscolluela
  • Jeff McCrum
  • Bryan Newbolb
  • Alex Kay
  • Chris Stratton
  • Stephen Lynch
  • Dan Lavine
  • Antonio Simonini
  • Luke Swanson